Word4Hope on social networks!

On our official Twitter and FB pages you can share the messages you have written and mailed on Word4Hope postcards.
All of the messages will be visible on Twitter and FB. When the project ends, the selection of the most startling messages will be selected and mailed to the addresses of the people’s homes most affected by the floods and a charitable donation party will be organized where the authors of these messages will meet the people who were supported and received their postcards.

How to Donate?

You can join Word4Hope by sending the Word4Hope postcards with your authentic handwritten message for hope and support for the people affected by the floods to the following address:
Postal Agency
P.O. Box 160
1000 Skopje
The Republic of Macedonia
Postcards are free to obtain in almost every selling point or mailing office of Macedonian Post AD-Skopje. You can pay the postage fee in cash or buy a stamp in amount of at least 18 denars for one postcard. You can also buy stamps in amount higher than 18 denars that matches your donation. Also you can send as many postcards as you wish. On the following link you can find all the locations of Macedonian Post offices, where you can pick up Word4Hope postcards and mail them to the Postal Agency’s address. You can also drop the Word4Hope postcards in one of the mailboxes located throughout Macedonia.


How You Can Help?

How much I donate?

By writing one message and sending one Word4Hope postcard, you donate 18 denars for the Red Cross Relief Fund for the flooded areas.
You can send and donate as many postcards as you wish or glue stamps in amount you decide. The important thing to remember is to write few words of Hope and support for the people affected by the floods.

How can I become a supporting partner?

If you are in the printing business, you can download for free our illustration (available in Macedonian, Albanian and English version) and print at least 500 postcards. You can use this print guide. After printing, you can drop them to every Macedonian Post Office or you can join as a Word4Hope partner location by displaying Word4Hope promotional materials as a point where the postcards can be picked or become a partner who is willing to be a drop of point, too. If you select to be a drop off partner, Macedonian Post will provide you with a mobile mail box for daily collection of postcards.
You can motivate your employees to support if you promote this project by sharing our promotional Word4Hope posters or organize Word4Hope team (company) mailing.

When does the project end?

Word4Hope will be an active project until the last family affected by the floods is back in their homes and the last of the premises is fixed and usable once again. The success of this project depends on our willingness to write few words and prove once again that the words of hope sometimes can provide support on which we can hold on for many years after the suffering and pain has gone away. Words of Hope also proves that we all are so fragile and vulnerable and even if we are not able to provide financial support, we can write words which could mean much more than financial help to someone.

WORD4HOPE postcards sent