Word4Hope is a charity concept which connects the people of the world through postal communication in their continuous effort to help the humanity through charitable giving and sharing a good will and good WORDs of Hope.

Danish illustrator Mr. Peter Herman was the first European artist who came up with 2016 illustration on the postal cards, and it can be found on every front office of Macedonian Post AD. The postal card is free and if you want to join our charity project, all you need to do is to address the 2016 Word4Hope postcard to this address: Postal Agency, P.O. Box 160, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, and for the full amount of postage you pay, Macedonian Post will make a charitable donation to the Red Cross Relieve Fund for helping the Macedonian citizens struck by the floods from 6th of August in which at least 21 people lost their lives.

Word4Hope is an open platform and everybody can join in. Organizations can donate but also they may take participation by printing certain amounts of postcards for free and distribute them locally or nationally, through the network of postal offices or companies supporting this project. On the following link you can download for free Mr. Herman`s illustration and require our certificate of Official Word4Hope supporter, and you can use for free printing and distribution of 2016 Word4Hope postcard.

It could be an ongoing, continuous project and it comes to US, and our dedication and humanity. For every postcard you send, the amount of stamps you have purchased to address the postcard goes to the Red Cross Flood relieve fund. The minimum amount is 18 denars for one postcard. You can send as many postcards as you wish or purchase amount of stamps you wish. As long as you are sending Word4Hope postcards to P.O. Box 160, 1000 Skopje, the fund becomes richer not just for the funds, but also for the sincere, humane words written by hand and soul as a human relieve to those hurt which cannot be spend; it could only be kept by heart to remind us that we are all fragile and vulnerable and our only chance is togetherness when it comes so tough that we feel helpless.

When the projects ends, all the touching messages sent to us through this project would be addressed to the families stricken by the floods when their homes will be repaired, in the postal boxes donated by Macedonian Post for their homes. We hope they will became the lasting memory of the humanity of all of us and a reminder for the future generation that through postal network a humanity continues to be shared till the humanity exist!

This is an open platform started by the Postal Agency, national postal regulatory authority of Macedonia in cooperation with Macedonian Post AD, national postal provider in Macedonia. Word4Hope illustration and Word4Hope name are registered trademarks of AP.mk. Word4Hope illustration as the key graphic used to represent our project, is a highly important item of intellectual property and should only be used if you have obtained prior written permission from the Postal Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.


The story behind Word4Hope project

The Word4Hope postcard is a remarkable illustration exclusively created for the Word4Hope project by young Danish illustrator Peter Hermann.

About the artist

Peter was born in Denmark in 1974, and started drawing right from the get go. Mostly with crayons and a little saliva. Leaving no space blank. In fact, if this was not online, he probably would have drawn in the margins of the page.  His obsession with filling in every blank with drawings caused quite a few problems during his high school years. It was not until he discovered the Kubert School in Dover,USA that he truly felt at home. With the help of grants from the danish prince Joachim and the danish Ministry of Culture, he immersed himself into the art of cartooning. After a year, when the finances ran out, he returned to Denmark and continued his graphic education at Designskolen Kolding. After completing the first 3 years of the education he dropped out and started working full time as an illustrator and never looked back.

His illustration clients include:  The New York Times, Businessweek, The Progressive, Special-Pædagogisk Forlag, Forlaget Alinea, Ud&Se, Danish National Television, Seattle Metropolitan, Klassisk, Politikens Forlag and many more.

From 2004-2010 Peter worked as an editorial illustrator for Kristeligt Dagblad, still doing freelance work on the side. Recently he has started doing a lot of book covers, he illustrated his first children’s book, and an illustrated book about the biblical tale of Moses and the ten commandments has just been published. This might indicate a new direction in Peters work.

He lives in Denmark with his wife and their son. He is also passionate runner and enjoy going for a run.

The illustration

The illustration was originally created for the flood relief fund after the 2015 floods. Unfortunately on 6th of August after the terrible flood hit Skopje, the capital of Macedonia in which at least 21 people died. Mr. Herman generously agreed to help the postal world efforts for a humanitarian relief fund financed by the postage fee paid for mailing the Word4Hopee  postcards with Peter`s illustration and people personal messages for support and compassion.